Family Portrait Sessions

(All prices effective through December 31, 2016; Please refer to session policies, below, for ordering and pickup information.)

The "Timeless" Session . 100 
(Families and/or small groups of 6 or less people)

Add additional people (more than 6 - mom, dad, children) OR Pets

 • About one hour of session time. 
  • Personal online image proofing and sharing gallery, available for direct online ordering (and direct downloading once you've purchased your high resolution digital files, if applicable). 

The "Reunite" . 
(custom pricing for larger family groupings of more than 6 people, up to 20 or more)

Select your session options:
Genders and ages of children

When was the last time your ENTIRE extended family had formal and fun portraits done TOGETHER? (...and we are NOT talking about standing at the church altar at someone's wedding or a grainy snapshot of everyone gathered around the thanksgiving table,  where everyone is awfully uncomfortable in tuxedos and in itchy dresses, where all are overtired, overstressed and in need of a tall beverage!)

       Did you know that more than 90% families (Mom, Dad, children, grandchildren grouping) have NEVER had a formal family portrait taken by a professional photographer? It can take a bit of work to coordinate everyone's schedules and nap times of young children and select the clothing and color schemes, BUT THESE ARE THE TIMELESS PHOTOS THAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE GOING TO TREASURE FOR SO MANY YEARS TO COME!!...And we are here to help you out with every step of the way, just let us know how we can help!

      Custom pricing is required for larger groups, depending on the number of "family units", number of children and their ages, inclusion of any pets, distance to the location/site. Please inquire with us for details so we can meet your needs. (PS... there is never a session fee charged for the matriarch and/or patriarch of the family!)

"Reunite" Sessions Include:
   • About 90 minutes of session time (depending on your group size)
   • Personal online image proofing and sharing gallery, available for direct online ordering (and direct downloading once you've purchased your high resolution digital files, if applicable) for 14 days.  You may order directly through your gallery, or you may choose from the "A la Carte Product Listing" below, and contact us directly with your order. After 14 calendar days, all galleries are automatically archived and subject to a $75 gallery retrieval fee. 

 For "Reunion" Sessions,  you may also include a pet for an additional $25 (and an additional $25 for each additional pet), however we ask that you make these arrangements for this with us prior to your session.

Digital Files . 200
Includes all high resolution, edited digital files from your session, with printing release. Available by direct downloading through your online gallery.  

When you purchase finished digital images,  Timeless Treasures Photography gives the client permission to print all of the images for personal purposes only. Full Copyright of the images still remains under ownership of Timeless Treasures Photography, and they may not be used by any individual or company to falsely represent the work of another photographer, nor may they be used for commercial printing purposes or contest entry purposes without specific written permission from Timeless Treasures Photography to do so.
Payment for all print orders must be made when the order is placed

Portrait Sheets . 15

(lustre or matte finish)
A "sheet" is any one of the following:
(1) 8x10, (2) 5x7, (4) 4x6 OR (8) wallets
Wall Portraits .
(lustre finish, extra for hardboard mounting)
11x14 . 45   16x20 . 60
20x24 . 80   24x36 . 90

The Metallic Print . 18
(beautiful glossy metallic sheen paper. Studio samples are available for viewing)
A "sheet" is any one of the following:
(1) 8x10, (2) 5x7, (4) 4x6 OR (8) wallets
Metallic Print Wall Portraits .
(beautiful glossy metallic sheen paper. Studio samples are available for viewing)
11x14 55      16x20 . 70
20x24 . 90      24x36 . 100
The "Artist's Rendering" Fine Art Prints 
(Stunning, watercolor giclee print paper. Studio samples are available for viewing)
8x10 . 70
"Artist's Rendering" Fine Art Prints Enlargements .
(watercolor giclee paper or fine grain canvas)
11x14 . 90      16x20 . 95
20x24 . 115     24x36 . 170

*Not every photograph lends itself to special processing or artistan printing, however, there are certain images that will look spectacular on the appropriate paper. We can help by suggesting certain finishes with certain portraits. Product samples are always available in-studio. 

We are proud to offer professional quality and custom sizes for ready-to-hang, stretched and mounted canvas images. Please inquire for custom sizes and pricing up to 100". 

the fine print

1. Your session retainer fee is due  within (1) ONE week prior to your session day. All payments for sessions are available to be paid through our website through the appropriate PAY NOW Buttons. Please ask before paying, to ensure you click the correct payment option. Retainer fees are nonrefundable, and are applied 100% towards your session fee once your session is completed.  Your session fee covers the time investment of your photographers for the session, editing, gallery uploading and maintenance, and ordering. Location sessions  that are more than 20 miles  from our  Lakeview studio location are subject to a $25 travel fee. All portrait sheets, digital files and specialty products are purchased a la carte from our products listed (unless part of a package). Payment plans are available for Tiny Treasures and Senior Portrait packages. Please inquire for details.

2. Ordering Process:
Once you are notified that your portraits are ready for viewing in the online gallery, you will have 14 days to order your products. After those two weeks, the gallery will be automatically archived and a $75 archiving fee will be assessed for your order. This policy applies to ALL portrait sessions and events.  If you have a Tiny Treasures package session, the 2-week ordering policy/archiving fee will still be enforced. We will keep your files in a third party storage service for approximately two years. If you would like to order additional prints in the future, you may do so. The archiving fee can be waived after an initial order has been placed for each session.

3. Payment for Orders:
All payments for all orders must be received before any orders will be placed or delivered. If your order has been assessed an archiving fee, that fee will be added to the cost of your total order. Orders will not be filled until paid in full.

4. Copyright: 
The copyright act protects all photographers and creative artists by giving the creator of the photograph the exclusive right to reproduce and use those images at any time, by any means. This includes the right to control the making of any copies and for self-promotion. Even after clients have a printing release to reproduce portraits with the purchase of the digital files,  we reserve the right to use any and all photographs under Timeless Treasures Keepsake Photography copyright for website, marketing and advertising purposes, with no compensation to the clients or any other individuals in the photos.
UNLESS THE CLIENT HAS PURCHASED THE DIGITAL IMAGES WITH PERMISSION FOR PRINTING, it is illegal to copy, reproduce, or modify any image made by "Timeless Treasures Keepsake Photography" through the use of copy machines, scanners, email, print  screens, or any other graphic medium, without our permission. Violators of this Federal Law could be subject to civil and criminal penalties. We will try to accommodate all reasonable requests for usage above and beyond personal reasons. Each request is handled on a case by case basis. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us so that we may have the opportunity to serve you better.

5. Order Pickups:  
All orders must be picked up from our Lake View studio within 14 days of being notified that your order is in. Orders will not be hand-delivered. All orders left after the 14 day pickup period will be subject to a $25 storage fee. Orders will no longer be mailed out unless the destination is more than 50 miles from our Lake View studio. Clients requiring delivery of their order(s) are responsible for any shipping and handling charges via UPS or FedEx, which averages about $16 for 8x10 and smaller print sizes with standard shipping times.